Ticket Assurance Policy

Give yourself greater travel flexibility and get reimbursed up to 100% with Ticket Assurance.

If you can’t attend your excursion for any reason including illness, travel delays or weather emergencies, you’ll be reimbursed for this purchase. You will be able to cancel for a full refund (up to the amount of your total transaction cost less your assurance cost) should you not be able to attend up to 24 hours before the excursion is due to start.

Ticket assurance protects your financial investment of the tickets including taxes. Please note that Ticket Assurance must be added to the booking at the time of checkout and cannot be added to the booking at any time after the initial reservation. Ticket Assurance must be added for all excursions in the booking. You will not be charged Ticket Assurance for any booking requests that we are not able to confirm.

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