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Get closer to the wilderness of Alaska with one of the many memorable shore excursions offered by Venture Ashore. Whether you’re touring the fishing town of Ketchikan, flying over Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, or whale watching from Icy Strait Point, Venture Ashore excursions are sure to bring you even closer to the beauty, excitement, and fun-filled adventure Alaska has to offer.

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Alaska Excursions FAQs

What are 3 things Alaska is famous for?

Alaska has a reputation of being one of the best cruise trip destinations in the world as its known for its stunning scenery, coastal waters and wildlife. The shore excursions while on a cruise are drastically different here than any other destination in the world.

Is it always cold in Alaska?

No! In fact, the temperatures in Alaska during the summertime are very similar to what you would find at the same time in places in the northern United States or in Canada. During the summer months, average high temperatures in Juneau are in the upper-60’s (F, around 19C).

How many hours is it dark in Alaska?

This will differ greatly depending on the time of year and where you are in Alaska. During the cruising season and in the area the popular ports are visited (Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan) – sunrise will occur around 4am and sunset around 10pm. There is usually only 4-5 hours of darkness per day.

What food is Alaska known for?

Seafood is the most popular food people like to eat in Alaska due to how fresh it is. Especially true with salmon and crab. Reindeer sausage is also very popular. And believe it or not – Alaska has some fantastic coffees and beers!

What's the best time to travel to Alaska?

May through September are usually the best time to travel to Alaska as that’s when the temperatures are warmest. June, July, and August are the peak of the tourism season as that is when families travel (due to children being out of school). May and September may have fewer people visiting the area, but you may run into cooler temperatures and perhaps even more rainfall. Additionally, some popular shore excursions stop operating in September due to snow melt, weather concerns, and seasonal tourism staff returning to their homes for school or other obligations.

Who is Venture Ashore?

Venture Ashore by City Experiences delivers amazing shore excursions for your cruise itinerary in over 500 destinations. Owned and privately held by Hornblower Group, the global leader in world-class experiences and transportation, Venture Ashore offers unique small group and affordable private shore excursions dedicated to bringing you the best experiences in port. Our Essential Collection is an award-winning collection of exclusive experiences expertly managed by our seasoned cruise team and local guides. Our customer-centric policies of Don’t Port, Don’t Pay and a Back-to-Ship Guarantee are included with all our excursions, and our industry-leading flexible booking with deposit and 24-hour cancellation ensure you enjoy a seamless and immersive excursion every time.

What is the Essential Collection?

The Essential Collection is the best way to see key sites and highlights in any port destination. Essential Collection tours are personally curated and expertly managed by our seasoned cruise team and local guides. Along with small group experiences, comfortable transportation, and professional local guides sharing their knowledge, guests can be sure that they are getting the best value in shore excursions with the intricate itineraries and value-driven pricing of the Essential Collection.

How can I book an Alaska excursion?

Venture Ashore offers booking flexibility with easy online booking and white glove customer service available during working hours across the US and UK to ensure our guests have access to our knowledgeable team when needing more information about a tour or to book over the phone. Please call us toll free at: 844 491 4164 or 0800 091 8274.

Can I cancel my Alaska Excursion?

Venture Ashore is proud to offer an industry-leading cancellation policy on all tours at no extra cost. Guests can cancel up to 7 days before the start of their tour for a full excursion refund. For guests looking for extra flexibility and peace of mind, 24-hour cancellation is available through Venture Ashore Ticket Assurance, which can be added to your booking at the time that your initial reservation is made.

Do you offer group shore excursions?

Groups of 12 or more can travel in a private customized shore excursion that is organized and facilitated by a Venture Ashore Group Specialist who will personally oversee the group and provide dedicated complimentary service. Our Specialists are experts at creating amazing custom experiences with a diverse product portfolio to accommodate the interests and budgets of any size group. Visit our Groups page for more information.

What is the Back-to-Ship-Guarantee?

For all excursions that include transportation to and from the cruise port we guarantee to get you back to your ship in time for your cruise ship’s departure. If for any reason beyond our control you are not able to return to your ship in time (road accident, extreme weather delay etc.) we will cover the cost of your transportation to the next port of call and assist in making your arrangements. Please see our terms & conditions for full details.